Many of friends won’t believe this, but I was one of the shyest kids growing up. Right up until 8th grade, I feared talking to people who were even a grade above me and I only performed in my school musicals because I had to (though I also did enjoy…

Let’s do a check in.

How are you feeling from a scale from 1–10?




These times have been anything short of easy. Regardless of your political affiliation, your background, or who you are as a person, at some point we have all experienced a trying moment. …

You read the description of an award and think, “This is me!” At the end of it, they say, “Please nominate yourself or a someone you think fits this award!”

Do you nominate yourself?”

It’s a bit of an odd social conundrum where we are faced with the awkward thought…

Remember this moment.

The one where you wanted to stop and just come home again.

The one where you didn’t want to fill out anymore applications.

The one you doubted you might be successful.

Remember this moment.

The one where you just wanted to stare out across the city and…

Greeting from Sheltering-in-Place!

As I’ve been adapting to this new world, changing the range of my adventures to my home and my neighborhood, I’ve come across a number of tools to help me process, cope, and manage through a period of extreme change. I keep telling myself that my travel…

Last Wednesday marked the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

It also marked the lowest carbon footprint I have had in a one month time frame in years:

1. Didn’t fly anywhere (was supposed to have been flying back from Guinea for research and a round-trip to Scotland for a conference)

So not too long after my first post, I found myself in the Middle East for the first time in my life. It almost seemed like a dream as I saw signs in Arabic and English pointing the way to the Dead Sea and Iraqi border. I just took in…

This has been a long time coming. I’ve promised many of you that I would start my blog, that I would document my trips, that I would share my stories, but my biggest roadblock to starting was trying to make it perfect.

I thought what site should I use? Should…

Cynthia Leung

Free-spirited fun-loving traveler, passionate about people & making the world a better place through sustainability. The question is “Where is Cynthia Now?”

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